The Catwalk


Aug / Sep 2007


I WAS going to have a 4 ton A/C unit installed for cooling.  But for $4000, I decided to investigate an alternative.  I ended up getting 3 large window units.  Each one has a 1000sqf capacity.  3 should cool things down nicely.  The only problem is they need to be high off the ground to be most effective.  So what I need is a Catwalk for easy access to 2 of the 3 units.  The other unit will be in the loft area - so it's good to go.  I'll have about $1200 into the units+catwalk.  Much better than $4000 me thinks.

First I picked up about $200 in steel from a local supplier:

And made 3 of these:

Set in place:

Add some cable supports (like a suspension bridge!)

And then welded on a railing:

Next I installed the floor (about 32" wide) and primered it all black:

It turned out to be solid as a rock!  Very sturdy.  I like that it has no floor support to get in the way.

SEP 2007

Got the A/C units installed:

There are 3 all together.  The volume of the Party Barn is about the same as a 2200sqf house.  Each of the 3 units can cool 1000sqf, so three ought to do well.  This past summer, with our homes central air off line - we cooled most of our house (1700sqf) with just one of these!  I'm quite sure 3 will be sufficient.

The walls were later finished off:

Ah, the meaning of "Cat Walk" at last...

Right after painting:

It's like "where'd it go?"  heh heh