The Gym


Our original plan was to build two 1100sf buildings on the property.  The first would be mainly a workshop with over head storage.  The second would be subdivided into a gym and a game room.  After considering heating and cooling issues more closely, our plans changed.  The first building erected which was going to be the workshop/storage is now being converted into gym/storage/game room.  And another , smaller but well insulated building was built as the shop.



I sectioned off 1/3 of the large  building to be used as the gym, and put up some walls.

The gym will be about 15' x 20' (300sf)

September 24, 2006

I then picked up some 15' x 6" perlins to be used for the ceiling/second floor that will be above the gym.

Next came the other 2 walls and the start of the electrical.

Pen found a heating/AC unit on the net designed for motels that will work perfectly for this room.

October 17, 2006

Now some insulation.

Nov 4, 2006


And OSB walls.


At first, I went with a suspended ceiling:

Nov 23, 2006

Until, when putting insulation in upstairs, there was an accident!

Nov 26, 2006

So I scrapped the ceiling and went with good old osb for that too!

Dec 10, 2006

Next came the beatification phase

Dec 24, 2006



Feb 04, 2007

Finally got the flooring down.  The border is peel and stick tiles, the center is 4'x6' rubber mats (very thick and heavy!)

found the fan at Lowes for $50.  It's a floor fan - I simply mounted it upside down after removing the pedestal.

The tanning bed:

and the "entertainment center":

Next to do:  finish the ceiling up (still needs a few cross members - paint is drying) and start moving in equipment!  Yeeha!


Feb 11, 2007

 First piece of equipment.

Picked this up at Sams club for about 1K.  It has all the bells and whistles including a built in 7" TV.  Cool!
The motor comes with a 12 year warranty to boot!

Mar, 2007

Well, this project is a wrap!  More stuff will go in with time.  Here's it's current "shape":

July 2008

We've had a flat screen in for the past few months.  Watching the tube helps to pass cardio time better (the little screen on the treadmill isn't very good)...

Any major updates - more pics!