Shortly after moving "out to the country" in 2004 I had a large building constructed (on the left) ostensibly as a workshop and for storage (cost: $14k).  I quickly found it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.  Considering the volume of the building, heating and cooling would be a challenge.  I opted to simply have another, smaller, shop built (pre-insulated) to use for my workshop (on the right).  And slowly begin the arduous task of a massive make over of building #1 in September of 2006.   When completed, this building (22x50x14ft walls) will house a 300sqf gym and an 1100sqf theater/game room (800sqf with a 300sqf loft).  This place will bring new meaning to a "Home Theater"!  It will have a 17' screen coupled with a 1080p  video projector (controlled from the loft area).  Downstairs will have a bar area along with seating and various "fun" things to be added later (such as a pool table/air hockey, dart boards, a universal video game machine, etc)  Total cost when completed will be around $35K to $40K.  After completion of the main building, a bathroom area will be added on to the Gym area, and will contain a 3/4 bathroom (toilet, sink, shower, closet, maybe a urinal) and will have a dedicated septic. 

Stages: (Italics denotes completed)

01) SEP 06 to MAR 07 Complete Gym area
02) MAR 07 Insulate lower north wall and OSB
03) APR 07 build ramp frame work and lay floor
04) APR & OCT 07 Insulate and cover ceiling on main floor
05) AUG 07 Insulate lower south wall and OSB
06) SEP 07 Build catwalk for A/C access
07) SEP 07 Install A/C units
08) MAR 07 Complete ramp storage
09) FEB 08 Move crap from loft into ramp storage
10) JAN 08 Insulate west wall top to bottom and OSB
11) APR 08 Build a removable cover for the roll up door
12) FEB 08 Insulate and OSB the high sides of the north and south walls
13) SEP 08 Frame in loft area, install wiring and lighting
14) SEP 08 Insulate and OSB loft area
15) SEP 08 Insulate and cover ceiling in loft area
16) OCT 08 Install fire escape in loft area on north wall
17) OCT 08 Build enclosure for air circulation blower in loft area and run ductwork
18) Build Bar area under catwalk
19) Loft done SEP 08  - Downstairs Done APR 08
20) Install all conduit, wiring, plugs and lighting externally on walls
21) Install heating system (don't know on this one yet – propane?) > 30,000 btu heater purchased, gas line run, still need final set up however...
22) Purchase / install 16'  projector screen on west wall
23) Build computer control station in loft and install / install projector - Rackmount computer enclosures purchased Feb 08
24) Build movable wall section to have option of isolating loft > I don't think so Tim...
25) Have all floor area carpeted with a low cut dark carpet or dark InOut carpet
26) Install surround sound system
27) Install acoustic tiles in strategic areas on walls to help the sound system out a little
28) Populate with tables, chairs, and fun stuff
29) Take a vacation > done
30) Start on the whole bathroom addition thingy for steps 31 to 40! < the septic is now in, waiting for time to build the bathroom now...

Here are some conceptualizations:

dimensions in feet