The Ramp

MARCH 2007

I opted to build a ramp instead of stairs to access the Loft for a number of reasons. 

  1. A ramp helps to induce a more theater-like ambiance
  2. A ramp extends further then stairs - there's more storage space underneath
  3. A ramp is easier to build, quicker to build, cheaper to build
  4.  It's "different"
  5. A ramp is easier to navigate drunk, and less painful when falling


Step one: set my first support after determining the angle

Begin the ramp!

Consult with the Supervisor

Lay the plywood

I left one "step" to get up to the loft.  There is a low support beam at about 5 1/2 feet up at this point.  I figured I'd be less likely to hit my head if there was a step at this point (I guess you'd have to see it first hand).  Also, the step here made it easier for running electrical conduit later on (again, you'd have to see it).

SEP 2007

I wrapped up The Ramp for the most part by building a handrail / partition and then added doors.

I'll probably add a fancy hand rail eventually...