The worst part of this entire project was installing all the insulation and walls.  My already allergy prone sinuses had a hay day (or is that hay fever day) with all the fiberglass in the air.  Anyway, it was one year of a lot of hard work.  Interspersed with this work I also built the Catwalk and the Ramp...


MARCH 2007


Add some OSB


April 2007

Got some insulation done on the dreaded ceiling.  I built a wylie-coyote-style thingy out of the old set of steps I had.  It's working good for reaching high places!

After getting the support slats installed, I started weaving in the insulation:

I put up a couple pieces of press board that serve as my "tiles" to see how well it holds (so far so good btw):

OCT 2007

Got much more done on the ceiling.  Finished putting the "tiles" up over the main floor.  Really a LOT of work lifting that stuff over my head!

NOV 2007

Ceiling finished! getting started on the back wall...


The inspector examines some materials

JAN / FEB 08

"...miles and miles of OSB..."
                           - M Westfall, 2008, while removing splinters from hands...


West wall OSB and insulation complete

Next, got the south wall done as well


With the north wall also complete - that wraps up the walls and insulation for the main building.  All that remains is to finish off the loft (see The Loft)